Google Project Wing Delivery Drones Tested; May Come in Handy in Emergency Needs

September 1, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Having a package delivered to you by means of drones is not something that would take too long. That’s the way things have been shaping up in the field of delivery drones.

Amazon has already turned out to be the fore runner in this arena, and we all knew many would follow suit.  One big name that has kick started its quest in the world of delivery drones is none other than Google.

We hear Google has confirmed that a delivery drone project is already underway at its labs. The Google concept of drone delivery is said to have taken a serious turn two years ago, and is currently being tested in the farmlands of Queensland, Australia.


If Amazon planned the facilitation of product deliveries post online orders that came its way from many a customer, Google is looking on a higher plane.

The “Project Wing” program, as it is being dubbed inside the Google walls, would not be for those who wait for the deliveries of their purchase orders. This one would in fact would aim at helping out in case of an emergency like say, to deliver first aid along calamity-ridden terrain.

The Project Wing testing in Queensland witnessed a prototype flying across to Warwick farmer Neil Parfitt, who was handed over a package of Cherry Ripes. As part of the test run, this 2.5 feet high mini-copter drone picked up no trouble through out its endeavor of delivering the package.

The narrow rift in between the wings provides the slot for fitting in the package. What pops out the package from the four-propeller powered drone is a grip called ‘egg’. Carrying out the delivery from decent heights, the roping down of packages by means of a cable would seem more of a convenience for the recipients.

Weighing around 19 pounds with a wing span of 5 feet length, the Project Wing could as of now deliver only light-weight packages.

Emergency deliveries may have topped as the priority for Google, but this one could be just the kick-start of a seemingly larger expansion later on. Project Wing could turn out to be a swifter way of delivery with a top speed of 90 kmph clinched on the test run.

As mentioned, this is just the prototype. Google may also have to battle regulation barriers hindering the drone usage in many countries like the US. Google has stated that it would talk with the authorities concerned regarding the regulations and find a way out for the smooth functioning of its Project Wing in the days to come.

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