Shoo Away Sharks with the SharkStopper; Unique Device Set to Save Lives

August 30, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

None of us would be foolish enough to assume a shark to be friendly, unless there happens to be a real world ‘Bruce’, the great white shark from Finding Nemo.

We all fear the attack from the ferocious predator, though many among us just have such perilous experiences confined to our dreams. But that’s not the case for divers. Once out there, deep inside the blue sea, what they fear most is an attack from the sharks.

As a boon to those venturing out into the seas, a new innovation called SharkStopper is being devised. This in fact is a Personal Shark Repellent (PSR) device. 

That doesn’t mean it is a weapon to harm sharks that attack divers – what it does is keep away the sharks from even planning to pounce on you.


The PSR is a wearable device that could be strapped on your ankles to produce sounds that can  repel away the sharks.

The voices come out in the form of those emitted by a killer whale or orca. Perhaps the only creature that creates the fear among the sharks is the orca and it makes sense to modulate orca-like voices to keep away the shark from humans.

What gets it activated are the sensors cuddled along the PSR that starts the repelling action once it makes contact with water.

Developers have been testing the PSR along the open waters across Bimini, Mexico, Hawaii and Florida. They have thereby found the number of sharks present whenever the device has been dipped was nil.


Don’t assume the case of it being shark-free regions, it was only after luring the sharks with baits that they have tested the PSR, only to witness the sharks being absent within a decent range.

SharkStopper is a gadget which the deep sea surfers and divers would want to grab without second thoughts. The device is part of a Kickstarter campaign  with a pledge goal of $48,500 .

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