LG G Watch R Stands a Level Up Compared to Predecessor; to Get IFA 2014 Showcase

August 30, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

An official announcement has been made by LG with regard to its new smartwatch, ahead of the IFA 2014. The G Watch R to feature at IFA has been revealed with LG teasing the specifications of the wearable device.

The highlight of the G Watch R is its 1.3-inch circular Plastic-OLED display (320×320). The smartwatch is powered by the Snapdragon 400 chipset with a 512 GB RAM.

The storage part is served by a 4 GB inbuilt storage. The specs may sure provide you with a feeling of déjà vu , as it reminds  you the specs you have experienced in the predecessor G Watch.


What could be seen as the minor change would be the 410 mAH battery, which has got a slight enhancement as compared with the 400 mAH battery.

Running on Google’s Android platform for smartwatches, Android Wear, the G Watch R is more of a redesigned version of the G Watch.

Keeping in line the specs of G Watch, LG may have made it quite clear that the game changer for the G Watch R would be the fully circular P-OLED display. This, as per the claims of the company, would deliver superior display clarity and viewing angles even under direct sunlight.

Apart from the display part, it would be fair enough to justify the chances of LG G Watch R being rivaled back by its Samsung counterpart.


The Samsung Gear S  incidentally would feature at the IFA and would be packing a 2 inch (360×480) curved display, and offers connectivity over 3G network.

LG has in the meantime dropped hints of a possible Q4 release date for the G Watch R. The company has restrained itself from telling us about the price range or about the global release, but it is widely believed that it might come out during the fourth quarter.

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