Nike LED Basketball Court Ushers in Technology that Tracks Motion 

August 28, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

LEDs continue to be game changers for the technology horizon. They have taken no time to pierce into the sporting arenas too.

Ranging from their use in cricket gear to the various markings inside an indoor court, LEDs have kept on replacing the conventional. And now, LED presence in the basketball arena is creating news.

Nike has unveiled a fully LED court in Shanghai. The court has been developed jointly by AKQA, Rhizomatiks and WiSpark on the occasion of the Nike Rise contest in China. Dubbed as House of Mamba, the court has been named after Black Mamba, an alias for Kobe Bryant of Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA circuit.


The court tracks the motion of players and the ball, like those witnessed in the Billiard tables before, although not official. Over thousand layers of thousand 2 x 2 ft interlaced LED screens have been laid over a wooden platform.

Covering the LED is a layer of adhesive surface atop a layer of thick glass to provide the natural bounce and grip for the basketball court. Sensors have been fitted in the court to provide exact tracking of motion.

The court is intended for simulation purposes with the motion tracking and with the help of reactive LED technology, a wide range of graphics could be simulated on the court in accordance with the training sessions.

A three-month duration was utilized for the full development of the court, starting from the design layout to the final product and tests.


Though it has been used in basketball courts before, it would be the first time the LEDs have taken up the full court space.

Technologies like LEDSPORT Pulastic LED Court and the ASB GlassFLoor have rendered the court markings earlier too, but they lack the vivid graphical schemes and motion tracking present in the House of Mamba court.

The Nike World Basketball Festival to be held in September would be featuring the final contestants from the Nike Rise, including the developers behind the House of Mamba.

Watch the video below:

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