Replace Window Glasses with Invisible Solar Panels that Can Light Up Your House

August 26, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Solar panels, though having proved themselves immensely effective, have never found their place on windows or doors. They have remained confined to the roofs or outdoors, in fact.

The one reason that hindered such kind of progress was its tinted appearance which no one would prefer to creep up on their windows.

Not sure whether it’s the same idea that provoked the researchers from Michigan University and they have now developed solar panels that offers transparency up to the level that the panels would seem invisible. Richard Lunt, Yimu Zhao, Benjamin Levine and Garret Meek from the MSU have teamed up to bring solar panels to a higher alluring level.


Transparent luminescent solar concentrators, as they are called, are infrared panels that could possibly replace the conventional translucent solar panels if developed to full utility.

The panels on reception of the infrared rays from the sunlight could glow up the rays guiding them to the edge. Strips of photovoltaic cells lined up at the edge would effectively consume the rays for the generation of electric power. This glow never would appear to the human eyes as it falls in the infrared spectrum which is non-visible to the human eye.

What the transparent concentrators seek as of now is development that would make it more yield-worthy. The current IR panels provide the efficiency of around 1%, with modern solar panels those are colored converting normally around 7% of the solar rays falling on it to electricity.


A recent innovation has also shown that the solar panel produces 44% efficiency in its purpose. With that in mind, the researchers are now aiming to improve the efficiency of the IR panels beyond the 5% mark.

We guess, these solar panels could prove to be high on demand if they are able to keep the price factor in an affordable range. No one would be mind having their windows replaced with a look-alike glass that can add the extra power to his home, right?

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