Big Tab from Fuhu Aims at Social Interaction Among Kids

August 25, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Tablet devices are piling up and each one seems to offer something unique. In the midst of all this, Fuhu has announced its new tablet to be launched soon and it targets the KIDS.

Big tab it, indeed, is. We are not just describing how big the tablet is, but the company is calling it the Big Tab. And yes that seems to be the suited name considering its size.

It’s a tablet, but it may not seem handy though. Assume operating the tab functions on a 20-inch monitor, yes that’s somewhat the Fuhu experience is all about.

The tablet would be coming in two sizes –  one with the 20 inch screen and the other with a 24-inch display. Some would feel that ridiculous, considering the portability issue.


But then, that’s where Fuhu stands out. It’s a usual tablet but intended to be placed in the young user’s room. Portability is secondary, folks!

The Big Tab comes with in-house apps for simulating the socialization of the kids. Apart from these, come the e-book stories that are fully illustrative.

Never be worried about your kids over usage of the tabs as the control over the tablet could be safe-handed by the parents. The parental mode in the tablet will enable adding more apps for the likes of children.

The tablet also tracks down usage to let the parents know how much of the time their child has spent on the Fuhu Big Tab, be it for gaming, apps or anything else.

Working on Android, the tablet could be seen as an apt replacement for TVs  for children as it offers TV shows and movies. The 20 inch tablet is priced at $449 while the 24-inch would be costing $549.

The device is set for an online release soon, and the company expects a bigger market for the new tablet. What is your take on the new Fuhu Big Tab?

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