Unlock Noke with No Key: Bluetooth Padlock is Coming Your Way

August 22, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Noke. That’s how you write it. But you need to spell it “No-Key”. Now you know what we mean.

Still confused? Then make sure you glance through the images posted along with the article here. That would give you a fair idea of what Noke actually yes.

You might now wonder what’s there in it to be boast about? It is just a padlock, you tend to think. Yes, of course, it serves the function of a padlock and offers nothing more than utility.


But the catch comes now. Noke, from Fuz Labs, is virtually a no key affair.

We mean you will be able to unlock it without any key. Forget the keys you may not even want to pull out your mobiles (definitely that’s the second alternate nowadays when you hear key-less) off your pocket.

noke-bluetooth-padlock3All you need to do is to walk by the Noke and it unlocks itself for you.

It’s not any mythical lock that you may have come across in the fairy tales, nor does it require magic. But what it makes use is just the pure technology of Bluetooth.

Coming along with an app, the Noke will automatically detect the ‘virtual key’ saved in your mobile using the app to unlock itself.

Okay, you now tend to ask what would happen if you don’t carry your mobile at the required crucial time. There is plan B in such a case.

All you need to do is to tap the lock shaft in a specific way which you have designed with the help of your app.

The virtual key is even extendable to any mobile with the sharing done through the app.


If you found the Noke useful for locking up whatever you wish to, you will have to wait a bit more to get it in your hands. As of now, Noke is under development and is part of a Kickstarter campaign.

When it actually arrives, it is sure that the Bluetooth lock would steal many a heart.

The project as of now has already crossed its pledged amount of $100 K with a month remaining for its deadline. So it just would be a short wait before you could just walk around to have the locks opened.

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