Like a Satire Tag on Social Feed? Facebook Testing New Feature

August 22, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Posts in the garb of satire are common on Facebook. But it looks like you may not be able to see the many more without a ‘Satire’ tag anymore. For, Facebook has begun testing the ‘Satire’ tag along with related posts.

However, the new feature won’t be displayed unless and until a link is opened. The related links thus shown on the feed after you open a link would now carry the ‘Satire’ tag if it falls under it.

The Facebook team has explained that efforts have been going on for around a month and that it comes as a response from the user feedback related to fake news and stories often displayed on their feed. The new feature is aimed at helping users separate the real from parody.

Facebook satire

Though tests have carried out on a number of websites, it is not however made clear as to what all websites the feature will be extended when they officially finds their place on Facebook.

One of the main websites that has been delivering satirical news is The Onion with a good fan following for its unreal news. Another website named “Literally Unbelievable” even exploits the outraged comments from the misguided users and displays them to the public.

It has also been seen that some of the similar websites did not pop up with the Satire tag –  one among them being the Onion’s Buzz Feed parody Clickhole. Borowitz Report of New Yorker’s is another website that often gets popped up on Facebook accounts. Unreal Times of India often takes a dig at current affairs with their own satirical news.

With the way an article has been summed up in such articles, it becomes often hard for the users to believe or ignore them. With Facebook now testing the  Satire tag, will things get back to good times?

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