Razer Nabu Wearband Likely by Q4; October Release Date Expected

August 21, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Not all wearables come from the smartphone stables. Though we have seen and laid our hands on many wearable technology machines that were made by topmost smartphone makers, the presence of such devices that came from non-phone makers seemed so rare.

It looks like we have worthy contender on that terrain. Razer is the company all set to bring forth its wearable tech device, and by the looks of it we guess we need to pay attention.

With a wide range of high-profile peripherals ,be it mid-towers, keyboards, mouse or gaming hardwares, rolled out from their basket, Razer has now shifted its focus towards a wearable device.


If plans work as the company wants them to, we might get to play with Razer’s first ever wearable rig – a smartband – by the fourth quarter of this year.

Announced back in January, customers had expected the smartband-christened Nabu to take off around the second quarter. But that’s not exactly what Razer had in mind.

With beta versions rolled out, Nabu kept on undergoing further changes to finally being readied for release by October.

Nabu doesn’t fall completely under the smartwatch category, neither does it belong to the sport band crowd. It’s a mix, in fact.

Nabu is a wearable band that alerts you when an email or text notifications comes seeking your attention. Now, that’s what smartwatches do, right?  By the way, we also need to expect a bit of – or may be much more gaming stuff too in this new device, considering that the device comes from the house of Razer.

Previously, around a thousand developers had the Nabu wrapped up at a cost of $1, and accounting to their feedback, Nabu seemed to have undergone a noticeable facelift that pushed Razer for the last quarter release.

One among those got exposed when Nabu was put under display during the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June. The smaller 32 x 32 pixel display was noticed then.

The recent partnership of Razer with Chinese company Tencent was struck too, so that the inclusion of the ‘Timi Run Everyday’ app happened.  This tie-up might offer gamers with in-game boosts and rewards to bring out a memorable experience with the Nabu wearband.

With no confirmation on the release date as yet, it seems like we might have to wait till possibly October. That is when we expect the Nabu wearband  to finally roll out. Let’s wait at least till October dawns, right?

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