Watch Nicki Minaj ‘Anaconda’ Music Video

August 20, 2014, By M Sohini
Not only is the star Nicki Minaj back but she is back with her butts and also with all the other butts.
This is what we can derive from the latest video that has gone viral on the internet.
The “Anaconda” video is on the social media in all its twerk tastic glory.

Earlier today, August 20, 2014, Baby Got Back’-sampling single ‘Anaconda’ video was onto an unsuspecting internet, which is as colorful and as dreamy as it can get.

The clip is directed by Colin Tilley, in association with the law firm of Butts, Butts, Drake & Butts.

As the teasers suggest that the main video will have the lady twerking even more in a jungle making a fruit salad. Now that is indeed fascinating and completely unexpected.

Though the star has made some unusual videos before this one involves a lot of human posterior show than necessary. It is important to view the video responsibly.

The complete video will show her working in an exercise class where in she will be seen twerking her butt for the camera. Drake is also a part if the video, he will be seen for a brief second and Minaj will be seen flaunting nobody else but him.

This is exactly what Minaj’s world comprises of which will of course leave many of us wondering and to ponder upon. the video has already created much sensation with the likes and views increasing at a steady pace the final video is now being awaited for.

Lets just hope that her moves are able to charm the audiences today and in the times to come.

Watch the video here.

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