HTC Zoe App Extending Reach to non-HTC Androids Too

August 20, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Companies these days are increasingly rolling out proprietary software beyond their own devices. We saw BlackBerry breaking the mould with its BBM app and then Sony too followed suit with its fitness app.

The latest on that terrain is HTC, who has decided to extend its Zoe app to more than just HTC made rigs.

HTC Zoe, a video making application, will roll out on to Android terrain too. This will allow users of Samsung, LG, Sony and other Android devices to have the taste of HTC in-house software. A beta version of the app is already in the horizon.


The app allowed HTC users to mix images and videos to create videos of your wish. Along with transition effects and background music, a single video would last about 30 seconds, in which up to 16 video clips could be jumbled.

If rumors are to be believed, HTC Creative Labs, who are behind the app, has also lined up a bunch of apps confined to HTC devices to be rolled out on Android in the near future. Among those, the one that has got spotted is the BlinkFeed app, the news and social media app, though as of now any such hint can’t be firmly established.

Shift to the non-HTC mobiles would sure hike the popularity of the app among the masses, but will have a far route ahead if it is to offer competition to apps like Instagram and Vine, that incidentally share similar utilities.

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