Microsoft Windows 8 Users Receive More by Way of ‘Update Tuesday’

August 18, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Gone will be those days when Windows 8 users had been waiting impatiently to see an updating sailing their way.

For, Microsoft has promised more frequent update to its latest OS – Windows 8. And yes it is indeed going to be a frequent affair and the new updates will be rolling out on a monthly basis from now on.

Ever since the last major update for Windows 8 OS in the form of Windows 8.1, the wait had been on for something more and better.

We were even told that the next major update was expected to come in the form of Windows 8.2. But a recent announcement from Microsoft now makes it clear that users will be able to enjoy monthly updates and tweaks and this is being done to satisfy the wide growing customer feedback.

win update1

The new updates form part of the ‘Update Tuesday’ plan. The new update plan is aimed at bringing unto the users minor updates as and when required.

Microsoft has rubbished guesses that say the updates would come about in such a way that they would be further add-ons for Windows 8 updates. However, the company has emphasized that the Tuesday updates will be providing the tweaks and updates to enrich the Windows 8.1 experience.

The updates would include precision touchpad improvements, Login tweaks for SharePoint Online along with the added feature for Miracast reception.

The decision to roll out weekly updates rather than major updates in a span of months seems like a fair approach, considering that the Windows 9 Threshold would release sometime during the start of next year.

As of now the tech arena suggests that the beta version for the latest from the house of Windows might be made available by the end of this year.

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