How to Add Smart Life to Your Home: Ninja Sphere Up for Pre-Order

August 13, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Forget the range of smart products you used to adore, be it smart phones, smart watches or smart TVs. It is now time to shift your admiration to smarthomes  –  homes that bring life.

All thanks are due to the new innovative technology, the Ninja Sphere. Well, if it appears like a compact head gear you have seen in the sci-fi movies, what it actually is nothing less.

Imagine adding life to your home to make it act the way you prefer. Make no room for panic; obviously it’s not going to create havoc by bringing life to your home literally, technology hasn’t developed to that extent as yet.


So, by adding life to your home means the simple control it has on your household works  – ranging from the must essentials to the pygmy things which you often tend to forget.

Forgot to turn off your electrical when you left home? Curious about your pets after leaving them back home? Or want to get hands free temperature control? Have all this done with this innovative home hub technology that adds supports to much more than what you would have wished for.

With connectivity over a range of devices including the Belkin WeMo range, Philips Hue, Dropcam, Pebble and Squeezebox, Ninja Sphere is different from the other home control gadgets you would have come across in recent times.

Offering temperature sensors, motion sensors for humans and pets, gesture control over a wide range of gadgets, “follow me” lights to control the lighting as you wish and much more, Ninja Sphere is definitely the latest out-of-the-box innovation everyone would love to catch.

If you would want to have Ninja Sphere added to your home, let’s tell you that preorders have now commenced. It would cost $329 to take one home. Developed by Ninja Blocks, an Australian Startup, shipping for the Ninja Sphere is expected to start by October this year.

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