Drilled on Arrival; US Customs Officials Scrutinize Cricket Willow for Drugs!

August 13, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You be in whatever part of the globe, the last place you would want to visit with your cricketing gear would be America! If that doesn’t seem valid for you to approve, then we suggest you check this out. Read on!

Lendl Simmons, the West Indies cricketer, had his bags packed to sail across to the US to be part of the Caribbean Premier League, where he plays for the team Guyana Amazon Warriors.

What happened next would be something anyone would never wish to happen.

drilled bat1

Simmons found out his cricket bat to be drilled with holes, as a part of the scrutiny by the US customs officials, in an apparent search for drugs!

The incident came to light after Lendl’s team mate Jimmy Neesham tweeted a photo of the perforated willow along with the words: “Imagine if your cricket gear went through America and they drilled holes in your bat to look for drugs”.

Initially assuming the bat to be Neesham’s, it was Neesham himself who tweeted again to reveal the real owner who met up with the upset. “Just to clarify again, the bat belongs to Lendl Simmons. Pretty happy I managed to dodge that bullet.”

Simmons however realized that the bad luck didn’t stay with for too long, as his side went on to win against the Antigua Hawkbills on American soil.

Even with the US hosting a range of cricket matches over the recent period, the ‘drugbat’ episode certainly cements the fact cricket is yet a long way off from being familiar stateside.

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