Switch Off Boring Conversations with TIYO; An App in Need and a Friend Indeed

August 11, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s only natural that at times you wish to keep off from people who talk a lot. Buttonhole bores are indeed people who you would want to avoid. Or at least you have wished to have something that would cut short the conversation.

No matter how much open you are, you may not want to open up or keep listening to such people. The tech world knows human behavior well, and that could be the reason why  a new app that does the job for you is here.

This Is Your Out (TIYO)  is the app we are talking about. This one comes in handy exactly in situations where you would want it to act on your behalf. All you need to do is to enable a button push.

TIYO - 1

Developed by Ivan Lukianchuk, TIYO comes with a button that comes in handy to many. Just have the button pushed and a voice call will right away appear on your phone.

That’s not something new, we all may have done this with our friends. But even the closest of friends may not become handy like what the app offers and that too when you need it most.

Once the phone rings after you push the button, pick it up and you will get instructions on how to fake panic!  Do you want anything more to put an end to the boring conversation you are subject to? Well, the call may fake many situations of panic, such as clearing an issue with your spouse, or sorting out an issue with the naughty child at home.

TIYO comes helpful to any situation, be it with the never ending conversations from your friends, unsuccessful dates or whatever plight you may want to get rid of.


The idea seems nice, even for the ones wishing for an interim redemption from incessant disputes with your spouse. Launched as an Indiegogo campaign, TIYO was setup for a goal of raising $100,000.

A $ 35 payment would provide you with the button and 25 calls. And if you feel that to be low for the encounters you have, you can have 25 extra calls for $5 more.

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