Beware! Malware Returns Offering Facebook Theme Change

August 11, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Cyber space never can offer a hundred percent guarantee for fool proof usage and Facebook isn’t any exception. The malicious links that appeared in the form of viral videos had ushered in exasperating days and nights to many of its users.

And now, the latest we see on that terrain is an alleged color changing app. This one in fact is the same feature that marks it return after being pushed out of Facebook a few months ago.

Unlike most of the other social networking sites, Facebook offers only a single theme to its users, the trademark blue and white blended theme.


The app comes with the promise of an alternative way of visualizing your favorite posts in a different attire. And if you click to say yes, you might just pull out all the colors from your life.

Cheetah Mobiles, the China based mobile company, has now revealed that the app boasting itself to allow upto nine colors to be tried out on Facebook serves nothing more than hacking into your account. The color change app apparently turns out to be just a scam and expose the users to serious security flaws and induce malicious codes to get access of your personal details.

Clicking on the app may lead you to the tutorial video of how to change your Facebook color. That’s just first part of the hacking process. Users who don’t bother to enjoy the video will remain unaware of the fact that access to your contact has been stolen by the time you watch it.

You skip watching the video or you finish it, you may end up with the same consequence. The app will lead you to the link for downloading pornographic video players if through PC, while mobile users may be tricked with the warning of an infection on the device. That offers the users to download an app to tackle the malware.

And if you still proceed, you will have full access of your account granted to the hackers. The app leads you to phishing websites. Cheetah Mobiles has stated that around ten thousand users have been already prone to malicious attacks with this app.

Though the social networking giants have succeeded in curbing the app from the list a couple of years ago, the app marks its return piercing into the list of Facebook apps and that makes it more alluring to those demanding a change in their theme. Users are even tricked with the link that displays “” before being pushed into the malicious websites.

If you worried about trying out the app before reading this, don’t get panic. There’s still a recovery option before it gets too vulnerable. Users who have been subjected to the scam may change their password and thus could disable the app from the list from the settings.

Cheetah Mobiles has advised to completely disable the app list so as to avoid any security flaw occurring to their accounts.

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