Xiaomi handsets in controversy over sending datas to Chinese servers?

August 9, 2014, By Priyanka Agarwal

Chinese mobile phone developers have been in the story for allegedly stealing user information from smartphones in numerous instances.

A German security firm even came with a claim that seeks to reveal that a Chinese smartphone brand’s handsets came pre-installed with spying software. 

The latest in the news is the new Xiaomi phone which successfully marked an entry in the Indian market, was stealing user information stored in the Redmi Note smartphone.

xiaomi mi3

A Taiwanese publication, OCWorkbench revealed the news that the budget Xiaomi Redmi Note, which was specifically announced for the Indian market alongside the Mi 3 was sending the data to a China-based server.

A Hong Kong based IMA mobile user Kenny Li claims to have checked the Redmi Note smartphone, and he found that the IP address was automatically connected to an address hosted in China and sending the data back when it was connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Kenny Li also seemed to claim that the Redmi note was sending information to the Chinese device at a much lower data transmission rate when it was connected to a 3G network. 

According to the OCWorkbench report,  the data which is transmitted to the China server includes photographs of media storage and text messages.

There could also be the possibility of having an automatic backup of the user data on the Xiaomi smartphone, although this was done without any information from the device user. 

There’s yet to be an official statement to be recorded from Xiaomi responding to the allegations surrounding the Chinese brand. 

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