Survivor Belts Buckle Up Added Safety Measures for the Adventurer in You

August 9, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have seen how belts come in handy in situations where you really need them. Apart from the normal function they are destined to do, movies have brought to the fore adventurous tasks they can do for you.

But now, here is a new way where belts can help you much more in your daily life. Meet the Slide Belt, an invention that adds a lot of safety measures tucked right around your waist.

A fire cracker, knife and much more can sit pretty around your waist. And, no matter however skilled anyone is, they would never guess what all tools are stocked right below your belly.


Once you decide you want t own of those belts out there, it would be up to you to decide who you want to be: the Survivor, Explorer or the Hunter. Well, those are the three classes of Slide belt buckles the maker of the unique rig is offering.

For instance, Survivor offers you skills to be exploited with a bottle opener, a pull-out Ferro fire starter and striker. A pack that has a small saw edge, can opener, nail pry and a screw driver enables you to switch over to Hunter mode. Along with these tools come the GPS chips and then you go into Explorer mode.

Don’t expect the Belts to guide you like any GPS Maps do. Instead, they track your journey, wherever you decide to go. Check it before you set out on your journey, and the tracking alerts will be provided by means of email or text alerts, with option for viewing the location even over the Google Maps. With the longevity of the chips offered for around three months, Slide Belts might soon be spruced up with rechargeable GPS chips for more convenience.


The product has been under development for around six years.  The idea stemmed from the fact that people’s dependence for multi utility equipment take a turn from the common Swiss knives , and this uiquebelt was born. The idea comes from the Canadian based company that goes by the name SlideBelts.

With availability of around 30 sizes as of now, Slide belts are hole free, that’s more of convenience to the ones who mess it up with the wrong holes, to look disastrous when tucked in. The waterproof abrasion-resistant straps have taken shape as a result of the company leaving behind its paracord straps.


Whoever wishes to have the companionship of this multi-utility belt on daredevil journeys may now grab it via KickStarter.   The company plans to ship the product in its final form only by November next year.

We learn that the Survivor Belt buckle along with its straps will cost you $79. And if you find the tools to be exaggerated for your needs, you have the option of trying out the basic belt buckle that comes along with the straps and a bottle opener for just $49.

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