How to Go for a Toothpick Treatment When Your Phone Doesn’t Charge

August 9, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Having dreadful issues when plugging your phone for a charge? Before you start cursing the manufacturers, here’s a feasible advice to resolve the plight yourself.

Many of the charging issues on an iPhone or iPad emerge with the lightning port of the device getting clogged with dust and dirt. And, if that’s the issue, you needn’t be a technical geek to fix it. All you would need is a toothpick.

Don’t have one? You could also try a safety pin. It’s advised you back up your device if you feel too messy to handle these.

toothpick treatment

Well, if you are ready for the go, then here’s the technical skill you may have to display. Turn off your device, hold your toothpick or whatever you choose and gently dig out the clog from your lightning port. Take time and clean even the teeny-weeny dregs from the port.

Well, that doesn’t seem any technical, does it? That’s why it’s advised you check the clog in your ports before you shout at the service centers.

From charging ports of your iPad or iPhones to headset jacks in your mobile, this effort could be carried out to resolve issues that dog your ports.

If that’s not enough, try a compressed air duster. And still if your phone doesn’t seem intimidated, then its time you put back your toothpicks and take the mobile to its care centers.

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