Winner All the Way; Xiaomi Topples Samsung in China

August 7, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The two year reign of Samsung smartphones over the Chinese market has been halted with Xiaomi emerging new toppers.

For those aware of the slashing of records by Xiaomi mobiles of late, the new development may seem no big deal.


The home boy now tops the list for the largest sale of smartphones in China during the second quarter.

Research firm Canalys has revealed the sales in the market for the half year .With a stiffer competition in the market, it would only be fair to say that Xiaomi has been rewarded for its skillful marketing.

The ‘Chinese Apple’ now holds 14% share of the sales. As per the reports, Xiaomi had sold 15 million smartphones during the year.

Standing behind Xiaomi is the former topper Samsung with a sale of 13.2 million units, a figure that has dropped from 15.5 million units the previous year.

Xiaomi, on its way to the top has also managed to overcome the sales of other manufacturers including the homeland based Huawei and Lenovo, both accounting for a share of more than 10% each in the market.

Hitting a fortune after the release of their flagship models, Xiaomi recently launched the Mi4 smartphone in the mainland – to be sold out in 37 seconds.

The company witnessed its largest sales boost this year ever since its launch four years back, with around 240% increase in the sale of its units.

With a limited reach in the global market as of now, Xiaomi still managed to pierce into the top five on a global basis. According to stats from Strategy Analytics, Xiaomi moved on to be the fifth in terms of world’s largest smartphone vendors displacing LG.

With customers looking  for LTE capable mobiles, Xiaomi and other companies will be eyeing to bring the 4G smartphones into the market in an effort to hold on to the achievement.

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