Aamir Khan’s poster for ‘PK’ goes viral [photo]

August 3, 2014, By M Sohini

It seems the perfectionist Aamir Khan is all set to create news after news. It is not very long since he created Dhoom with his blockbuster hit “Dhoom 3” he is yet again in news with his new nude poster that has gone viral on the social networking sites.

Aamir Khan’s upcoming movie “PK” is going to be something different and unique or so says its posters.

The poster has already created much hype amongst the audiences who all are going crazy and waiting for the next poster or trailer to be revealed. Since Aamir is a part of the film something the viewers are expecting the film to be a treat and a big hit in the times to come.

aamir khan nude pk

The poster did not only excite the social media enthusiasts but also heard a series of updates and applauds from a number of B-town celebs.

Though the actor has always received splendid responses for his films, this time most people made fun of his poster not in a very encouraging way.

There are even updates where Aamir’s nude poster is being compared to those of Poonam Pandey and Sunny Leone. Now that has not been a good way to look at things.

Of course the actor is receiving good feedback from people who are considering the film “PK” to be a benchmark there are still people who are taking things the other way round.

Aamir Khan has always given his viewers and his fans something that has never been seen or done before. He is a thorough perfectionist and with such a bold poster in the every beginning the movie is sure to create a ripple in the industry.

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