Boogio Helps You Know More, Do More with Your Feet

August 2, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

How much gravitational force does each of your foot exert? How much are you balanced on your feet? You may have never come across such thoughts or questions in your life,right?

But then, a new innovation in the field of fitness and technology has brought forth the answers. Meet Boogio.

Boogio, who? It in fact is a foot device. No, Boogio isn’t any new dazzling sneaker pair. Instead, it is a device that can be slid into your existing footwear.


That leaves you wondering as to why you would need an extra device in your shoes. Let’s be clear: It doesn’t give you any extra wings nor can it make you win the gold medal in a 100 m sprint event.

Boogio is for all the fitness freaks out there, and it would provide you with everything you want to know about your feet.


The foot device comes as a pair, and works with the help of sensors and accelerometers to track down your entire foot movement – be it while on a jogging, running, walking or standing still mode.

The device can be integrated to your PCs and mobiles so as to know the finest details it can provide. It provides you with the gravitational force exerted, pressure points along your each foot, measures the velocity of your travel on foot, and responds with your overall balance.

Even more exciting is the fact that Boogio comes with an integration compatibility with gaming devices such as the Oculus Rift to detect the movements of your feet and translate them into the virtual world.


Reflex Labs, the developers of Boogio claim the device has the integration of more than 60,000 layers of pressure sensitivity to pick up even the slightest motion produced by your feet.

Boogio is now available for pre-order on its website, and is priced at $189. Currently, it’s the beta version up for pre-order and there has been no official information regarding the original product or its release.

The pack comprises two Boogie beta boards, shoe clips, two sensor shoe inserts and two USB cables for charging.

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