Samsung Z Tizen OS Smartphone Delayed; Might Show Up by Q3

July 30, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sammy’s new smartphone has been delayed. With plans afoot to bring it on to public space having hit hurdles, it looks like the device could come unto us only by the third quarter of the year, and that too in Russia.

We are talking of the upcoming Samsung Z, which has been built to carry Samsung’s own home grown operating system, Tizen OS. It is a known fact that Samsung has made its fortune with the Android OS that drove its Galaxy line.

But now, the Korean company is going a step ahead  by carving a new niche in world of mobile operating system with its own Tizen.


In case, you haven’t read us earlier, Tizen is an open-source Linux based OS that has been featured in a lighter form by Samsung, in its smartwatches Gear and Gear 2.  Being a project within the Linux Foundation, Tizen is governed by a Technical Steering Group which involves Samsung, Intel and others.

The application framework of the Tizen OS has been adopted from Bada, which turned out to be unsuccessful some time ago. Bada OS was primarily used by Samsung for its ‘Wave’ series of smartphones, but had to abandon its development when Tizen was conceived during February last.


Samsung has attributed the reason for the delay of Samsung Z to the enhancement of the Tizen ecosystem. With seemingly lesser applications supporting Tizen as of now, Samsung would be utilizing time until launch to enrich further app compatibility.

Samsung Z was announced for the third quarter release back in June at San Francisco with a display of its prototype.

With the delay and no further clarifications, we now need to wait to see if the Tizen bearing Samsung Z would actually arrive by Q3. Stay tuned.

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