Wireless Charging Your Lumia 930 with Potatoes and Apples; Know How

July 29, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Science conscious beings don’t lack the knowledge of the fact that electricity can be generated from potatoes. Microsoft and Carphone Warehouse have joined hands to apply this basic theory to power up Nokia Lumia mobiles through wireless charging pods.

The campaign titled “Back to Light”, displayed over 800 apples and potatoes stacked in a huge white board connected to a wireless charging pod to charge the Lumia 930. The effort comes thanks to Caleb Charland, the artist and science enthusiast who was deployed by Microsoft for enhancing the childhood project into a splendid piece of work for juicing up your battery.

According to Thomas Messet, head of digital marketing and advocacy for Europe Microsoft devices, the team was keen to explore a new way that could help harness natural energy and charge the brand new Lumia 930.

lumia potatoes

He has been quoted as saying that the companies felt that they should look towards new energy-efficient ways to improve the performance of products. With the wireless charging experiment for the Lumia 930 and some of the other products in the Lumia line successful, it looks like better days are ahead of us.

Caleb Charland the designer of this stupendous blend of science and art expressed his delight in bringing up the design inspired from childhood projects.

Saying that the utter simplicity of this electrical phenomenon has endlessly fascinated him, he added that “many people have had the experience of drawing power from fruit in the classroom, and it never ceases to inspire the imagination of all ages.

lumia potatoes2

In case you are still unaware, potatoes are fine electrolytes that can create flow of charge with electrodes applied in it.

Using hundreds of apples and potatoes to have your Lumia charged up isn’t so easy. But then, it is not discouraging at all for the brains behind the idea.

Alternative sources of charging have always encouraged the brighter ones to come up with more eco-friendly aspects in powering up the mobiles.  This one is a fascinating one, indeed.

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