Samsung Galaxy S4 Undergoes a Meltdown, Literally

July 29, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Galaxy S4 now has pouched something that could be added to their features, but Samsung wouldn’t vouch for it.

A Galaxy S4 mobile smoldered itself at Texas to turn into a mere piece of a melted gadget. The incident occurred to teenager Ariel Tolfree, who loved her phone until she woke up in midst of her sleep.

It feels quite weird when you have to wake up mid- sleep. Being a teenager, Ariel put no attention to the reek that woke her up and went on to pursue her sleep. But she soon had to wake up again to find her S4 melting under her pillow. Luckily, the mobile decided to melt on its own and didn’t affect any other thing beside it.

s4 burnt

Well, indeed you could cite the lack of airflow when being squashed under a pillow that could have caused the mobile to behave abrupt. But that’s too technical to provide any kind of acceptance for her dad.

He believes the phone smoldered due to an issue with the swelling battery and said that customers expect the products they buy to be safe.

With electronic gadgets, this seems to be a big concern indeed. The issue with a phone melting down due to battery issues has been occurring right since the birth of mobiles. Though they rarely cause any injury, it’s not easy to assume we would be willing to have our gadget smoking in our pockets.

Samsung has explained the lack of airflow to be cause of the issue and that the battery has been a replaced one. And for the teenager, they have promised to replace the phone as well as the damaged bed covers!

That’s in the case of Ariel, but there’s no guarantee any company would be willing to replace our belongings if such an issue occurs. So it would better we be aware ourselves. At least let your phone rest alone in a distance while in sleep or when powering up the batteries.

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