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July 29, 2014, By M Sohini

One of the most holy months of Islam, the Ramadan is celebrated in India and many countries across the world on Tuesday,  July 29, 2014.

This sunset will mark the last fast that the Muslims observe as a salute and respect towards their religion. Muslims in self-restraint that commands Muslims to abstain from food and water from sunrise to sunset.

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As it appears that Ramadan is like a boon to the retailers in Middle East, South Asia and beyond. Some may see it as commercialisation of a spiritual thing, others see it as a way of rejoicing in their happiness. For people doing business it is one of the nest times to sell in Muslim dominated countries.

This is that time of the year when Muslims spend happily. The famous US based brand, DKNY has established a Ramadan collection exclusively for them.

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The collection is available throughout the Gulf and has also gained much attention. All famous global brands try their best to make their Muslim customers happy and satisfied in one of the most pious months for them.


The streets of major cities in the Middle East and South Asia are filled with billboards about Ramadan. One McDonald’s ad in Islamabad shows a mosque calling on people to “Dine Divine.”

This is the time of the year when maximum retail outlets are full of Muslims going crazy over shopping. They have regular shopping sprees during this one month with some exciting offers also out every now and then. The one month long celebrations for the Muslims bring in a lot of happiness.

Eid SMS:

May the auspicious occasion of Eid ,
bless you with peace
bring joy to your heart and home.

EID Mubarak

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I’m the only authorized iso 20114
I wish u an original sweet EID Mubarak

Some words can be left unsaid,
Some feeling can be left unexpressed,
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