launched by Modi to engage volunteers in Indian Govt Schemes

July 28, 2014, By M Sohini

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the first of its own kind portal, Mygov, on July 26, 2014, to allow participatory governance, as well as, engage volunteers who had participated in the Modi campaign.

Mygov is a planned website that would foster the idea of engaging ordinary people and experts at the same time through the discussing platform, with engagement coming from the ‘do’ option.

my gov modi

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In his words, Modi said that voters can keep connected with the government through the website, with a clear intention of avoiding the gap that is created when a new assumes office. This will help people have their say in the governance and their participation won’t end with voting.

Although Mygov is a smart initiative, it doesn’t work for grievance redressal but focuses on purposeful engagement. The initiative my Modi government is sharp contrast to UPA’s policy where it had to depend much on activists and national advisory council.

For people, they can visit directly at and check the website for the functions.

The new initiative is seen as BJP’s own try to be a party for the masses and keep non-political people engaged with Modi with the help of digital volunteering.

The website isn’t bland, but with sections like “discuss”, “do”, “credits” earned and so on, there are a lot of elements that will keep the process interesting.

“The platform presents an opportunity to the citizens to both ‘Discuss’ and ‘Do.’ There are multiple theme-based discussions on MyGov where a wide range of people would share their thoughts and ideas,” the official statement said.

It further added, “Citizens can volunteer for various tasks and submit their entries. These tasks would then be reviewed by other members and experts. Approved task would earn credit points for completing the task.”

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