Want to Possess the Fastest Flying Machine Ever? Here’s Your Chance

July 25, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever dreamt of laying your hands on one of the fastest flying objects ever? If yes, the chance to fulfill your dream is right on.

Let us introduce you to the HFL Kholod scram jet, which is all set to be auctioned at an event in London on 8th of September by RM Auctions.

The hypersonic rocket system was developed in the year 1990 by the Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM), based in Russia, and has been labeled as a joint venture with NASA since its involvement in 1994.

On reaching a speed of 4,925mph  –  that is six times the speed of sound, incidentally – it comes in terms of speed below that of spacecraft and exceeds anything else built on the planet.

Fastest rocket2

The scram jet has in fact become the record holder in terms of outright atmospheric speed during the decade of 1991-2001.

Fuelled by cryogenically cooled liquid hydrogen, the Kholod relies on the compression of air at supersonic speeds for propulsion. It was the first ever scramjet to complete a successful flight test, back in 1991.

A total of nine Kholods were made, five of which met their demise upon test flight. Four of them were able to land back safely though currently only three of them remain. Of these, two of them are in Kazakhstan .

Fastest rocket1

The one to be auctioned is in Czech Republic, but who knows in whose hands it will land after the eighth of September.

Want to try your luck?. If you do, make sure you are at the right place of auction with your money ready.

But then, you need to bear in mind you will have to keep ready millions of dollars if you are to own it.

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