Redefining Luxury in TV Viewing: Samsung 105-inch Curved UHD TV on Pre-order

July 24, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Living room luxury is never complete without a high definition television set.  Great interiors assume the expected grandeur when viewing pleasure come to the living room.  Large screen HD television sets are in, folks.

When was the time you have thought of bringing a TV at the price of a posh automotive? It may seem a weird question, but then Samsung knows very well as to how alluring such a television set would be for potential moneybags.

What the company has brought to public domain is a new 105-inch curved UHD TV. The device is no cheap a deal, with the price tag reading $119,999.99.


It may not please you if are among those who would demand a moderate price range. But then, if you would want to add the ultimate luxury for enriching your home movie experience, it’s worth a go.

The ultra HD curved, one of its kind as of now in the above 100-inch segment, looks like it will guarantee you the premium experience of TV viewing, providing a match for its heavy price tag.

The 105-inch curved TV boasts a resolution of 5120×2160, with 11 million pixels inside the metallic frame. With a curved wooden finish in its rear, it may seem a pleasure to glare at the TV even when switched off.

Samsung’s Smart TV platform comes with the ability to transform the set into four screens with the Quad-screen multilink.


There is no wonder that owners of this luxury TV will have the privilege of “Samsung Elite Services”.  Samsung may have done the right step in this domain, we guess.

The company however doesn’t look at mass production of the UHD TV for the time being. That means each unit will be built based on orders.

So, anyone who is willing to pay that kind of money for this huge deal may head for the pre-order, which is expected to begin this week .

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