Car Comparsion: Tata Zest vs Honda Amaze vs Hyundai Xcent vs Maruti Swift Desire

July 24, 2014, By Priyanka Agarwal

The unique factor that’s associated with the major cars like Tata Zest,Honda Amaze,Hyundai Xcent and Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire is that they are all fall under the category of sub 4 meter length vehicles.

Such cars enjoy 12% of excise duty as compared to the double levied for larger automobiles, giving space for manufacturers to design a price and design vehicles.

Tata Zest vs Honda Amaze vs Hyundai Xcent vs Maruti Swift Desire

The attractive feature about Amaze, The Dzire and Xcent is that the cars have the stubby boots with lashings of chrome and beige on it’s interiors.

However, the Zest’s design is made in a more cohesive manner – It can’t hide it’s Indica roots.

The commonality in all four cars is that it stops at 4 meters in length.  However, the Zest sets the bar higher by being the tallest and the widest car, the car occupies the much needed space for the inside segment.

However, the Xcent scores extra brownie points for being the car with the most boot space.

The Zest adds a lot of new things to the automobile design and function. It’s switchable driving modes are unheard of features for the price it offers. The Xcent follows with the Dzire being the most ill-equipped car of the lot.

Rich new extra features, the Tata Zest has a good style, strong back up engines and overall respectable dynamics.  However, the actual prices of the cars are to be announced soon.

The diesel powered Amaze and the Xcent come as the strongest contenders, though however, the Dzire may be crowned as the winner as far as the sales of the cars are to go.

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