Trousers that Sport Pockets that Charge Your Nokia Lumia are Here

July 23, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The scariest notification a smartphone user like you would always want to avoid is the one that tells you that your device is running low battery. Right?

The worst fact about such alerts is that they arrive only in the midst of an important task, leaving you with no option rather than see your phone die off.

Well, looks like Nokia may have a better advice for you then: just put your mobile in your pocket.

What Nokia has thought about looks like a plan that would help users stay away from loads of frustration. The innovation has however come from someone who is not in the tech horizon.


Fashion designer A Sauvage has come up with an innovation that would delight Lumia users from all over the world. The innovation makes use of the Nokia DC-50 wireless charging plate.

So what we have here are the “smart trousers”, deservingly called so. The new smart trousers are part of Sauvage’s Modern Man collection and is capable of charging your Lumia regardless of where you are.

Wireless-charging-trousers-2All you have to do is to allow your phone to rest in your pockets for the endless work it has been doing. At least that is one favor you could do for your phone.

The charging plate of the Nokia-DC 50 has been fabricated well enough into modern stylish pants. When you place your phone in these pockets, it automatically send s power juice into the device so that the battery stays alive always.

The smart trousers would be working fine just like any of the power banks, except for the convenience of its mobility.

But then, it doesn’t add much concern to carry a few pounds of extra weight in your pocket for a good cause, does it?

There’s no doubt the innovation is simply awesome. It just has to be seen how far people would find it convenient.

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