Crash of Xiaomi Mi3 Sale on Flipkart: Register to buy now

July 23, 2014, By S Ranjita

Chinese mobile phone Xiaomi Mi3 was outsold on the first day of it’s sale in the e-commerce website FlipKart, which is it’s only exclusive retailer in India.

The crash had occurred after 12 noon on Tuesday, when the booking went live and it couldn’t manage to make any sale as it was outsold in it’s first 30 minutes of order.

mi3 flipkart

This incident had also taken place during the launch of Moto E phone and Moto G phones earlier.According to Flipkart, the website received registration window period from July 15-24, 2014.

The mobile phone Mi3 had reportedly got about 1,00,000 registrations and it was outsold with a phenomenal response in the market.

FlipKart link to register/buy.

The Flipkart spokesperson said that the company is going to come with better options to enable smooth shopping experience the next time.

However, the company officials declined to reveal the number of units they have sold, but they said that the phone will be back in stock next week.

The company official’s are focusing on their agenda of solving the technical difficulties which made it difficult for other users to buy the phone.

The company official said that they had underestimated about the demand the phone had expected to receive and the retail company will ramp up the supply as soon as possible.

The company is committed to get the phone supply across to every other Mi3 fan in the future to come.

Xiaomi Mi3 which is priced at 13,999 INR is competing against Google Nexus phone.

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