Facebook Testing Shopping Feature; Hit Buy on Ads to Own Your Goods

July 18, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Who isn’t on Facebook these days? Almost everyone is, right? The social media major has turned out to be among the most successful web models in recent years, and one charming aspect that has kept the social media platform grow is the manner in which Facebook has rolled out new features from time to time.

The social media major has now gone a step forward by bringing in a new shopping experience to users. The social network is said to be testing a new feature that will allow users to shop directly from its website.

The feature works in such a way that users login on to Facebook via PCs or the mobile devices need to just click on a ‘‘buy’’ button so that they can make purchases via advertisements or other posts on the network.


We hear that the company is now testing the service among small and medium companies before roll out. The new feature may be seen as an attempt by Facebook to tread on to rival territory where players of the likes of Google and Twitter are sad to be adding features that would let users buy stuff on these sites.

We already know that Twitter is into the game after having hired a Ticketmaster executive to find out means to allow users purchase stuff via Tweets. Twitter also has very recently gone ahead and inked an agreement with none other than Amazon to allow Tweeple make purchases using the hashtag.

Facebook seems to be looking at the same direction, though this is not its first attempt on the shopping front. If you would remember, the company had some time back in 2012 rolled out a virtual currency called Facebook Credits. However, the plan had to be dumped following less success.


As if putting to rest users’ fears on privacy and secrecy of vital information, Facebook has stated in a blogpost that when a transaction is done through its social network, no credit or debit card information would be shared with the other advertisers.

So when the feature is rolled out finally, Facebook users can check out ad info on new products and right away click the buy button. The buy button is expected to be placed somewhere in the bottom of the ads so that users see them easily.

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