Strange Twitter Account Predicts Germany Win Almost 17 Hours In Advance!

July 14, 2014, By S Ranjita

While the entire celebrates with German for their historic win in the FIFA World Cup 2014, a suspicious Twitter account had already predicted the results of the finals almost 17 hours ahead of the match start.


A very strange and unverified Twitter account with the handle name of “@FifNdhs” tweeted about the match between Argentina and Germany hours earlier, and most of it turned out to be true.

It mentioned that Germany would win the epic final, and also mentioned that the win would come in the ET or the Extra Time. Surprisingly, the prediction also said that Mario Goetze would score the goal, which turned out to be true!

The account bears the name “FIFA Corruption”, and all the predictions became a reality. Germany did win the finals of FIFA with that one goal from Goetze in the 113th minute.

However, many of who replied claimed that earlier tweets with other outcomes were deleted, and only those five tweets that predicted the right win was retained and maintained on the page. The number of followers on the account is astonishing 41.5k!

Despite all of that, the incredible prediction of Goetze scoring the goal is worth talking of, given that there are players like Klose, Schurrle and Muller in the team.

While no one can claim the Tweets are for real and were honest, one thing is for sure- the permutations and combinations done by the user is more than amazing and would keep the gossip columns going!

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