Nokia Lumia 830 Images Surface in the Wild

July 14, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s been a while since we heard something concrete about a Lumia from Nokia, right?  The earlier Lumia 820 had been a charmer of a device and we all were looking forward to see what’s next.

Though everyone out there had been anticipating a successor to the Lumia 820 being shown off, nothing of that sort happened. But then, that doesn’t mean the enthusiasm had died off.

The wait seems to be getting over, though a confirmation is yet to come by. What we have stumbled upon, of late, are a handful of images that have allegedly leaked out of the Nokia labs.


We tend to feel that the successor Lumia 830 is due for arrival, almost two years since the Lumia 820 came into outs midst. The images that have been spotted first by Chinese website WPD seem to talk eloquently about the Lumia 830. We just wonder if this one is actually what the Lumia 820 successor would look like.

So, what we get to lay our probing eyes on are images of a Nokia rig that sports an aluminium case, akin to the one we have earlier seen on the Nokia Lumia 1020.

The images also show a large 4.7 inches screen, and a camera feature that reminds us of the one that Nokia had thrown into the Lumia 1020. Yes, the 41-megapixel variety indeed.  That could mean that this one is not a budget device by any count, as you will have to shell out more to own a 41 MP snapper phone. With that camera having been revealed, you need to keep aside your hopes of seeing a budget device.

We also need to expect the OS to be Windows Phone 8.1, as the release of the operating system has been scheduled in a while. So we need to think that the Lumia 830 might have Windows Phone 8.1 running inside at launch.

It is also being pointed out that the device could hold within a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor so that it offers added performance. The images also reveal the “Nokia by Microsoft,” at the rear of one of those rigs.

As these are just leaks, we need to wait till confirmation to arrive on that front. Anyways, let us wait to know.

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