LG Brings Wearable Technology to Parents; Kizon Helps Parents to Track Kids

July 9, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Wearable technology seems to be everywhere. From eye wear to fitness trackers and even more, the realm of the technology looks like expanding manifold.

We have watched in awe the manner in which Google created an eyewear that is ultimately tech-driven, and then we watched majors like Apple, Samsung and many others stepping into the domain with their unique products.

We have yet another innovation coming our way. And, this one is sure to keep parents of little children excited.

Bringing to their midst a wearable technology device is none other than LG, who knows very well the anguish of parents who have little kids. The company is in fact all set to bring out a new wearable gadget that has been designed for kids.

LG Kizon

The device christened LG Kizon would be a water-resistant polythiourethane wristband. To keep it alluring, the company will be rolling out, most probably on Thursday, the device dressed up in bright hues.

Apart from the bright colors, the Kizon will also come with kiddie accessory features such as a Hello Kitty cover and more.  The significant part of the design is that they are made as wristbands that would be small enough to wrap around the little wrists of pre-school and primary school children.

The technology part of it would be complete with the software that is housed inside. The software has been programmed to allow parents track their children with GPS and Wi-Fi. The device also sends notifications regarding the location and other whereabouts of the kids by way to a smartphone or slate.

The device has also been spruced up with a “One Step  Direct call” button. This feature allows parents and their children to communicate easily wherever they are. In case of the child not answering a direct call, the device would set up an automatic connect call function so that the parents get to know what is actually happening, through built-in microphone that is inbuilt in the Kizon the device.

The Kizon also houses within itself a 64 MB RAM and is built to work with 2G as well as 3G networks. The power juice keeps flowing into the device from a battery that has the capability to stay alive for 36 hours on a single charge.

The Kizon comes as an additional wearable tech gadget from LG after the company rolled out its G Watch in June. We also saw the company bringing in a health tracker called Lifeband Touch and also Heart Rate Earphones during May last.

Customers in Europe and North America are likely to get their hands on the device initially. We now need to wait to know what’s on the price tag.

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