Microsoft Wearable Tech Foray to Yield Fitness Band with Smartphone Notifications

July 3, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Fabulous innovations seem to be flooding the wearable technology scene, of late. We have come across many that could be categorized as amazing.

Manufacturers of the likes of Google, Samsung, Apple and many others have been keeping potential customers engaged with their innovations in the wearable tech scenario. Those that have already debuted have found themselves being accepted and lauded well too.

The smart watches are the ones that seem to be ruling this space as of now.  We have seen Google and its Android companions go ballistic about their smart watches, while other makers are going all out to promote their devices.

The latest we have here is that technology behemoth, Microsoft, is all geared up to hit the wearable technology space with a new kind of smartwatch. The news itself adds to the excitement, doesn’t it?


It is being said that Microsoft will soon enter this coveted space holding aloft a smart watch that would boast all kinds of sensors and also cross-platform compatibility.

If you would remember, we had earlier heard that a Microsoft Surface Watch would probably come with capabilities to connect to devices that run iOS, Android, or Windows Phone OSes.

The rumor mill has also churned out a few details on the upcoming device. As per the grapevine buzz, Microsoft’s purported smart watch is more of a wristband kind of device that will display the time on its screen.

That’s not all, by the way. It will also be able to display smart phone-based notifications from Android, iPhone and Windows Phone operating systems, plus other third party apps too.  The sensors, in the meanwhile, will play their role of tracking the wearer’s fitness in terms of calories, and heart rate.


Though not more details have been revealed, we guess the device might come with 1.5 inches of screen real estate and added functionalities. When the company behind the device is Microsoft, we need to look forward to many an awesome add-on too.

The grapevine suggests that the Microsoft smart watch would most likely be ready for launch in the fourth quarter of the current calendar.

What about the pricing? Any guesses? We would like to keep ready the same amount of money we would part with to buy a Samsung Gear Fit. Hope Microsoft comes with the same price tag or may be lower!

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