Soofas Push Benches to Beyond Just Seating Structures; Helps You Solar Charge Your Devices on the Go

July 2, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What is a Soofa? Ever heard about it? Chances are that you are hearing the name for the first time. In fact, Soofa is a recent innovation in the green tech space.

Those of you who are familiar with the term ‘sofa’ can relate to it without much effort. Soofas are benches that would soon spring up  in parts of Boston.

Their function is not just offering you a seat while waiting for the bus to arrive or relaxing in a garden. They will double up as outdoor charging stations for consumer electronics!

These solar-powered, outdoor charging stations called Soofas will also work in such a way that they can collect information on air quality and noise level data, even as providing the power juice for your smartphone , tablet or notebook.

Soofa 1

The innovation has come about in reality after the administration in the city of Boston joined hands with MIT Media Lab firm Changing Environments.

The joint venture resulted in the design and making of these benches that would act as solar charges. Officials plan to take the Soofas to areas around the city, including Titus Sparrow Park in the South End, the Boston Common and the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

Each individual will be able to charge two devices at a time even as they relax on the benches.  The idea seems to have sprung up from the realization that smartphones are devices go beyond just making or receiving calls.  The makers decided to take benches to do more than just functioning as just seats.


Testing of these Soofas are currently on at the Babson College and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Once finally approved, these solar-powered benches will make their way to different parts of Boston.

So, all you people in Boston will soon have a spot to rush to when you want to charge your devices on the go.  July 11 is the date being talked about for launch.

Meanwhile, it has also been announced that you can even suggest names for the Soofas before launch. If you have a catchy name in mind, you may rush and suggest that via Twitter @mysoofa or on the Soofa website.

If you prove to be lucky enough, you might also get an invite to visit the MIT Media Lab and learn how Soofa came into being. So, folks, all the very best! Go ahead and suggest a name.

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