Goodbye to a Close Companion:  Google Orkut Would Cease to Exist on September 30

July 1, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Social networking during the 1990s had one big platform that lured all tech minded people out there.  Called Orkut, this social media platform was in fact frequented by almost all in India and Brazil. People from other nations too had a major say when it came to Orkut.

However, the charm died off soon after. Though India and Brazil still use Orkut the popularity seems to be on the wane, thanks to the bludgeoning presence of Facebook and Twitter.

Orkut was launched 10 years ago by none other than Google. But Google’s intention of having Orkut spearhead its web businesses hit hurdles along the way. The latest is that Google is deciding to pull the shutters down on Orkut once and for all.


It is being said that Google will pull the plug on Orkut on September 30 this year. The aim is to focus more on its other social networking ventures.

Talking of Google’s other social platforms initiatives such as YouTube, Google+ and Blogger are major hits among users. The last decade has seen these platforms catapult to amazing response. The advancement of these social media also has played a major role in discounting the importance of Orkut.

Though the exact number of users that Orkut had in its fold is not known, it needs to be acknowledged that for many out there it was a space to relax and learn. Now that Orkut is bowing out of the scene, Google would not want to write it off as just another social networking platform that just existed. It had its own space to boast of in the lives of people who live online.

Significant is the fact that Orkut and Facebook were born around the same time, back in 2004. Facebook has now grown to be the topmost social media space with 1.28 billion users. With Orkut not managing similar numbers, it has decided to withdraw from the scenario.

The Google strategy would now be to position Google + as a major stakeholder in the social networking arena.


With decision to bid farewell to Orkut being taken, Google has informed users that there will be no impact on current Orkut users until the September 30 date. This period will give users to manage the transition.

That means users will be able to export their profile data, community posts and photos using Google Takeout , which will stay live till September 2016.  However, creating a new Orkut profile will not be a possibility, starting now.

Google will also be preserving an archive of all public communities, and these will be available online starting September 30, 2014.  You would want to know more about all that by visiting here.

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