Apple iPhone 6 Said to be Gearing Up for Production by Start of Next Month

June 26, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When the talk of an iPhone gets triggered, all of us out here tend to get excited. The charm of an upcoming iteration of the iPhone has always been so enticing.

This time around too, the scene isn’t different.  We have been hearing lots about the next edition since a long time long time. The wait has been on and now we get to hear that the next Apple iPhone could go into production by the start of next month.

We had some time ago heard the grapevine hint at two variants of the iPhone in its next iteration.

The rumors had the pointed out that a model with 4.7 inches of display space and a second one with a 5.5-inch display were in the pipeline.


These variants were said to be gearing up for a September release. From what the rumor mills had then hinted at, the new iPhone models could come sporting a thinner form factor with rounded edges.

The rumors had also dropped hints of a curved glass device that would arrive with enhanced sensors that would be able to detect various levels of pressure.

Now with a mass production date being zeroed in, it looks like Apple is speeding up the release. The hurry could be attributed to tougher competition from Samsung and HTC, who are always ready to launch new models.


We have been fortunate enough to set our eyes on leaked images of the next edition of the iPhone too some time back. But then, these are all unconfirmed leaks. And that makes it difficult for us to positively assert the form factor and props the next gen iPhone would boast of.

With trusted sources now talking of the model going into production soon, we need to wait to know how it would actually look like when it emerges out of the wraps.

What makes the whole stuff exciting is that Foxconn and Pegatron, the two hardware makers for Apple had a while ago announced an additional hiring exercise. They are said to be recruiting at least 100,000 employees to their fold. That could mean Apple’s plans are well on track.

So, may in a matter of two months, we might hear that the Apple iPhone 6 has hit the assembly line. Doesn’t that sound so good, folks? Tell us what you think about this.

And, do not forget to write in detail as to what all you would expect to play with in the iPhone 6.

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