Listen Smarter from Now On, with the Soundhawk App-Enabled Wearable Hearing System

June 24, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have seen a variety of wearable devices that track your fitness and daily activities of your body.  Many such devices are aimed to keep you fit and happy, no doubt.

Here comes yet another device of a similar nature – but with a difference too. This new rig has been developed to make you hear smarter.

Christened Soundhawk, the new wearable technology rig is actually an app-enabled listening device. The aim is to improve hearing by allowing the wearer to customize his listening experience as per the environment he is in.

Made to fit one ear, the Soundhawk has been programmed to people who look for an extra help in hearing when in specific environments. That means, the device would aid people who find it difficult in noisy situations such as a railway station or pub.


Noisy environments are common, and people mostly nearing the 50s and 60s find it difficult to decipher voices they need to clearly. Keeping up with the noisy environment turns a problem for many and it is here that Soundhawk comes into play.

The developers of the device have put together three pieces to make the Soundhawk. The three pieces are the Scoop, a charging case and a wireless microphone.

While the Scoop comes about as a piece that is half the size of a conventional in-ear bluetooth device, the charging case  forms the base of the mic and the Scoop. The Scoop also boasts a battery life of about eight hours.


Meanwhile, the wireless microphone can be clipped to the user’s clothes and offers a radius of up to 35 feet. It is so powerful that even if the person you are talking to is 35 feet away, the mic makes it sound like he is sitting next to the user and talking to him.

As we mentioned earlier, this device is app driven. The app actually allows the user to personalize the sound quality depending on their environment.  Accordingly, he would be able to preset four listening environments as needed.

The Soundhawk is expected to sell for $299. But then, if you would want to preorder the device, you can do it for $279.

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