Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire Electric Mobike: Take Her Out for a Spin

June 23, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

On Tuesday, when LiveWire kicks off in New York, those present over there could be in for something unique.

Not just unique, it is going to be an experience of a lifetime, actually.  What but is Project Live Wire? A fast and silent motorcycle concept that would, in fact,  would roll out into our midst is what it is all about.

Behind the magic is none other than Harley-Davidson! The motorcycle majotr that had been pushing on to the streets roaring bikes has now decided to bring out a silent but furiously fast set of wheels.

So, when Project LiveWire kicks off, regular riders are set to be offered the chance to try one of those new machines.


From what we get to know, the Project LiveWire motorcycle experience will go around the US this year, and in 2015, it will travel to Canada and Europe too.

The intention is to gather feedback from riders on what they wold be interested in such a type of motorcycle. After, being the forerunner in electric motorcycles, the LiveWire concept is sure to grab eyeballs.

The motorcycle will be made on a later date, but the experience is to come in a while.

Where you need to be to experience the new electric mobike magic would be hotspots such as the Harley-Davidson of New York dealership on Tuesday and Wednesday.


This, as folks at  CNet point out, will be followed up by a four-day event at the Harley museum in Milwaukee, and also in Boston till Sunday.

You may also be able to test ride the concept bike at Philadelphia this July. More cites might get listed soon.

All said, it looks like the world is waiting to take the electric mobike from Harley-Davidson for a spin. Aren’t you one among those suitors? Take a look at the video below and decide.

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