Smart Bikes Equipped with Arduino and Laser Beams Could be the Future

June 19, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What makes a bike Smart? It isn’t just the smartphone mounted handlebars, for god’s sake. We would like to call bike smart, when it comes with a futuristic design and uses technological equipment engineered in a particular way.

These equipment can include cameras and even laser beams. Samsung has been working on creating a bike using this concept with Maestros Academy.

The academy was founded by Samsung and designer Leo Burnett at their Milan office earlier this year. The goal of the academy is to preserve Italian craftsmanship in this digital age. The aim of the design team of the smart bike is to reduce the number of cyclists involved in the road accidents.


There is a magnetic smartphone mount on the front and center of the bike along with LED lighting that can be used for night time riding.

A rear view camera is deployed so as to keep tabs on the traffic that approaches or cruises from behind. The video from this cam is streamed on to the phone mounted on the bike.

Apart from these props, four bike-mounted lasers are also used. The lasers on the bike constitute its safety system. By lighting them up, a virtual bike lane is made to project on to the roadway.

And this way it is made sure that there is enough room to ride. The lane markers will be automatically turned on when the light sensors in the phone indicates that it’s getting dark.

The communication between the phone and the bike is made by means of an Arduino, which is paired via Bluetooth. Rides can be tracked and shared too among smart bike users.

Whether Samsung will be selling this Arduino powered machine is still a question. Only time can tell us what is actually going to happen to the smart bike technology.

Samsung Smart Bike from Samsung Maestros Academy on Vimeo.

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