Titan Zeus £1 million TV Sports the Size of a Football Goal

June 16, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Folks! Did you come to know of this? Titan has announced the launch of the world’s largest television.

The new television is said to be four times as big as the current largest television in the market, thus making it the size of a football goal.

This television set from Titan has been christened Zeus, and is the world’s first ever £1 million TV.

The screen is generally made for indoor use, but Zeus said that the screen can also be made for outdoor use even in bright sunlight.

Titan zeus1

The largest of the same is of the range 370 inches, or 8 meters by 5 meters. These mega screens are said to be launched before the FIFA World Cup 2014. These will be launched in the hope they will be taken for public displays by the companies.

If you visit a pub that has one of these big screens in the garden then you would certainly be tempted to pay tempted to pay a bit more than the usual.

Well, choosing between the pale projectors currently on offer with the bright screen and intense colors in daylight offered by the Zeus TV wouldn’t be a tough task for you.

This television is said to weigh almost a tonne and sports 65 million colours. Its display is in full 4K quality.

Titan Zeus

However, the current football World Cup is not to be aired on 4K. Hence, it is going to rely on upscaling for the purpose of UK viewing.

Titan is also said to be capable of creating 1000 inch midrange screens for £150,000. The £1 million is inclusive of its installation and delivery in a custom built hummer.

Now tell us, are you going in for one of these Titan giants?

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