Chocolate Can Fly Too; DIY Choco-copter Takes Wings [Video]

June 16, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We all know why chocolate is used in various food items. From cookies to cakes and what not!

Well, everybody loves the flavor. It has been said women even enjoy a chocolate bar more than they enjoy sex.

Has anyone ever thought of chocolate becoming an aeronautical super material? We hardly doubt that.

But, a recent DIY video showed the forging of the aphrodisiac cum antidepressant food substance into a working quadcopter frame.


It can be said without doubt that this invention has certainly got some serious attention of the public. This chocolate quadcopter project has not failed in showing the versatility of modern open-source technology.

The standard quadcopter hardware is made from about one kilogram of dark chocolate and one by tenth as much white chocolate for aesthetics.

The technology shows that flight can be achieved with a dense, brittle material, which in this case is the hardened chocolate that holds it together.

Naza-M V2, a pre-existing autopilot solution, is made use of by the choco-copter. It costs about 300 dollars and the price is supported by mass production.


Even if the choco-copter is quite expensive, the majority of your investment can totally reusable. In case of a crash land of the copter the same can be replaced by a few dollars’ worth of chocolate.

This project has been successful and it has resulted in research organizations like DARPA to make human-launched drones for deployment purposes.

A quadcopter frame can be created in a few minutes by means of a quick-drying polymer.

The body of the choco-copter is really thin and it supports comical arrays of connectors and wires. Even if the chocolate is not much visible, it is really impressive to see the copter taking flight.

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