Cars that Hover over the Road Likely to Fly Out of Toyota Stables

June 13, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Have you folks ever thought about owning a car that can hover over the road? Just like the ones you often come across in Hollywood action thrillers?

Well this could soon become a reality as automobile major Toyota has already started working on this concept. The Japanese car manufacturer has decided to start investigating on the possibility of developing vehicles that can remain in thin air over the road.

Toyota Motor Corporation’s Hiroyoshi Yoshiki was recently quoted as saying that the company has seriously considered looking into the idea of developing flying cars. He was head saying this at Bloomberg’s Next Big Thing Summit in San Francisco.


However, he added that the cars will not be literally flying like a helicopter, but instead, they will be hovering over the road. This is done with the aim of reducing friction with the road and its working will be made similar to that of a hovercraft.

The details on when Toyota actually started their research and how far along they have reached in to their research were not mentioned by Yoshiki.

Also, Yoshiki did not give any assurance as to whether such a vehicle would ever make it in to the market for real. Nevertheless, it should be considered as a great advancement as certain companies have started exploring the idea even though it is just for the sake of technological advances.

It is pretty obvious from the vehicular technology we have in our hands today that we are really far away from actually developing such flying cars.

But companies like Nissan, Google, and Volvo have started working on the idea of developing vehicles that can drive themselves without inputs from humans or manual control.

However, they are facing certain challenges from the lawmakers who are concerned and are unsure about the safety of such vehicles. So we can expect the hovering-car manufacturers to face similar challenges.

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