How to Avoid Oversharing of Your iPhone Photos

June 10, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We all have privacy concerns when we hand over our phones to someone. In some cases we just can’t say no to them, neither can we let them see all those embarrassing pictures stored in it.

Here’s a solution for all you iPhone users. An app called ‘Here, Look’ is out in the apple store now for 99 cents (£0.69/AU$1.29).

What does it do, actually? With the Here, Look app you can avoid those awkward photo oversharing moments.

Let’s tell you how to go about doing it. The app lets you select a group of photos, which it then sequesters and presents as if they were in the normal Photos app.

It’s easy to use too. Launch the app and you can select the photos you want to share by just tapping the thumbnails of the pictures.

Here Look

After selecting the photos, you can click the Here, Look icon on top right of the screen which will open the first photo of the group in full screen which looks exactly like the iOS photos app.

One disadvantage it has is, no matter how the photo is taken (landscape or portrait) every photo is displayed in landscape mode. Hopefully the next upgrade will fix this problem.

Even with this problem, this one looks like a very handy app for all iPhone users as privacy is always our first concern. Here, Look brings it your fingertips.

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