Keep Your Valuables Away from Thieves while at the Beach; Say Hello to Beach Vault

June 6, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The thought of spending an afternoon at the beach sounds exciting. Who wouldn’t like to take a swim, get a tan, play in the sand, and indulge in some volleyball fun?

The fact is that outings on the beach may not be always empty handed, right?  While some of you would carry your wallets and stuff, there are any others who would take their keys, tablets and other expensive stuff too to the beach.

While you are out for a swim, these valuable are at risk of being stolen too.  Well, worry not. For you now have the Beach Vault.

What exactly is Beach Vault? Marcal DaCunha developed a product from his wife’s idea of hiding stuff under a towel. But we all know the risks it poses. Chances are that someone might step on it or a thief would easily find what he needs.

Beach Vault 2

In just seven months, Marcal designed the Beach Vault, developed it and as now made it market ready to be shipped to customers.

The Beach Vault is a portable safe that can be used at a beach. A plastic water proof and sand proof container which comes with inflatable cushion pillows and specialized beach towel.

It stores your valuables and keeps it safe from thieves. With this unique creation, you will be able to store your valuables in it and bury it in the sand.

The container comes with motion sensor alarms too. Now, who wouldn’t love a day at the beach without worrying about the keys, phones or any valuables for that case. Beach Vault makes it possible, indeed.

Beach Vault1

There are other products in the market under the ‘portable safe’ category like Yelpie (Portable Safe) and all. But like the name suggests Beach Vault has been specially designed for some good beach fun.

Beach Vault is on Kickstarter as part of a campaign. If you are someone who loves cool innovations, head over to Kickstarter and you will know why we love this one.

A product, easy to carry to the beach, is here. More importantly, it also keeps your valuables safe from water, sand and theft. What more can you ask for while on an outing at the beach?

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