Microsoft Smartwatch to Sync with iOS, Windows and Android; to Come with Always-On Heart Rate Monitor

June 2, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Lots have been written on the wearable technologies scenario already.  We have brought to you news of so many devices from manufacturers big and small. Wearable technology is undoubtedly in, and is geared up to change the way we live.

Apart from the many players that arrive on the scene with their unique devices, we have also now started seeing rivalry taking new levels.

The playing field is hotter than ever before, and major players are now trying to beat each other on the wearables terrain.


Take for example, the Microsoft strategy. Going by what folks at Forbes found out, Microsoft’s soon to arrive smartwatch will be the first to such device to work with iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

Syncing with all prominent operating systems is no small matter.  This apart, the Microsoft creation will also be the first to feature an always-on heart rate monitor! This is something that could give Samsung’s developers some jittery moments.

For, Sammy’s Gear Fit, which sports the heart rate monitor feature, needs the feature to switched on to work. In comparison, Microsoft’s smart watch will come with an always on heart rate monitor feature.

The Microsoft device’s sensor comes courtesy of some serious work done on that front by the company’s Kinect division.  The sensor has been made to track a user’s heart rate continuously when worn.


It is being said that the device will seek the help of the optical engineering expertise touted by Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect personnel so that this is continuously measure put to work.

The screen however will be positioned on the inside of the wearers’ wrist. This could be because Microsoft wants to make the device easier and more private for users to view notifications.

Though important details have started flowing out of the company’s labs, Microsoft has not yet come up with a date of release of its smartwatch.  However, going by the way the rumor mill is at work, we need to expect the device to come to our midst by this summer.

What we also hear is that the rig could come spruced up with battery that would stay alive and kicking for a full two-day period.

So when it comes, it could take on Apple’s alleged device that goes by the name of iWatch, which is also expected to debut by around summer.

It’s time to play with the smartwatches, guys. Stay tuned.

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