How to Make Your Grandma Love the Feature-Rich High-End Android Phone You Just Gifted Her

May 30, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There are many who get the jitters when someone so close gifts them a high-end, feature-rich smart phone.

Consider this. You just bought such a device for your not-so-tech-savvy grandma on her 80th birthday. If you observe the manner in which she uses the phone, you would feel that she needs some bit of training on how to use it.

Customization options on an Android rig most often than not turn out to be a complicated exercise.  If it is an Android device that you have bought for her, you are in some amount of luck.

For, Android devices now have a place to go when it comes to making things easier for your grandma.  It is a welcome fact that Android allows installing launchers and customization packs to change how a device looks and works.


Even more exciting is the fact that a new app has come into play. Called Wiser, this one is an Android launcher that has been developed with the aim of scaling down the complications that a normal Android smartphone poses.

Wiser comes with a combination of big, bright buttons, a simplified notification display, and an app drawer, which is perfect for your grandma.

All you need to do is to install Wiser  and set it as the default launcher for the device.  Doing so will let you grant permission to access notifications on the phone that runs Android 4.3 and above versions of the OS.

Wiser also lets you to spruce up your granny’s smart device with large buttons, bigger dialer, and a custom contact app. You will be able to add app shortcuts too.


Wiser has been outed along with a beta version of a Wiser companion app. This will let you receive remote support from devices too.

Get the app for free at the Play Store now. Your grandma will smile in satisfaction.

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